Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have a question that is not answered here!

  • When is the rafting season?

    All our trips are offered every day from May 1st through September 30th. Call for April or October rafting as it is weather dependent!

  • What should I wear?

    Bathing suits or T-shirt and shorts are recommended as well as a light-weight nylon windbreaker. Heavy cotton clothing, such as sweatshirts or jeans, should be avoided - it is better to wear only nylon, polyester, or other moisture wicking materials and store heavier warm clothes in your vehicle or lockers for after the trip. Wetsuits and scuba boots are recommended for May and September rafting and you are encouraged to bring your own, although we sell and rent anything you might need.

  • Do I need previous experience?

    Our Half Day Rafting trip is perfect for beginners and requires no previous experience.

  • How safe is it?

    We have an impeccable safety record as each of our guides is fully certified by state and US Forest Service regulations. This includes CPR, First Aid, and extensive on-river training maneuvers. Most of our trips are perfectly suitable for families and beginners as long as you are willing to get wet! Even non-swimmers can participate! We have never lost a life or had a serious injury since opening in 1974.

  • Is transportation provided?

    Yes, complimentary transportation is provided to and from the raft launch and pick-up sites. We also provide complimentary shuttle service from any local (Glenwood Springs) accommodations or the Amtrak station. Just call to arrange your pick-up!

  • Will there be photos?

    We offer professional grade photos of every raft on every trip, usually 15-25 shots of each raft. Immediately following your trip all photos will be on display and offered for sale. Photos are conveniently hosted on a private webpage where you can share, download or print your photos at full resolution with no restrictions. Upon purchase you are emailed a link. 

  • How many to a raft?

    Our Half Day Raft Trip runs in our 16’ oar boats. These rafts hold 8 guests plus your guide. Everyone paddles while your guide maintains complete control over the vessel with our stern mounted rowing frame. We offer smaller rafts and personal inflatable tandem or single kayaks as well.

  • What is the best time of day to raft?

    We have almost limitless sunny days here in Glenwood Springs. Typical in-season daytime highs are in the 80s. Our afternoon trips may see an occasional thundershower, but normally a break from the heat and sun is welcome. Our noon and 1pm launch times are the most popular.

    For those rare rainy days we provide rain gear and have full wetsuits available for anyone who may tend to chill easily. We guarantee our trip departure so come rain or shine, we go out regardless. However, you have the right to cancel or change your trip due to inclement weather, 24 hours prior to the trip departure, with no penalty.

  • What do I do with my valuables?

    We don’t recommend bringing any valuables on the trip as they are subject to getting wet or lost. There is no need for any money while on the river. We have lockers available in our offices for car keys and valuables. We cannot assume responsibility for property loss or damage.

  • Do I need to know how to swim?

    You are not required to know how to swim for our Half Day Rafting Trip. However, you will get splashed so if you are afraid of the water, we would recommend reserving a “float trip.” Please notify your guide if you are a non-swimmer.

  • Is lunch provided?

    No, lunch is available only with our Full Day Raft Trips. You are welcome to bring your own snacks or we have a great selection of munchies in our gift shop for that quick pick me up after the river.

  • Do I need previous experience?

    Our Half Day Rafting trip is perfect for beginners and requires no previous experience.

  • Can I bring my pet?

    Pets are not permitted on any of the trips. A free kennel is available for those traveling with a pet to avoid overheating in parked cars..